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Pima™ CD4

Pima cartridge



The Pima CD4 cartridge is a unique and breakthrough technology in the enumeration of T-helper cells in whole blood samples. Requiring only 25μL of capillary whole blood and with all test reagents sealed within the disposable cartridge, obtaining a CD4 count is now easier than ever.

Insertion of the Pima CD4 cartridge into the Pima analyser automatically begins the testing process providing you with a direct CD4 measurement in 20 minutes.

Pima™ Workflow

Illustration: Prick finger

Pima™ Workflow

Use a sterile lancet to make a skin puncture just off the centre of the finger pad.

Illustration: Collect blood sample

Pima™ Workflow

Position end-to-end sample collector of the cartridge directly in contact with the blood drop and allow the capillary to fill. (For venous whole blood it is recommended that sample is loaded via a volumetric or Pasteur pipette).

Illustration: Observe control window

Pima™ Workflow

Observe the control window to ensure sufficient sample loading. Remove cartridge from finger when area in the control window is filled with blood.

Illustration: Remove sample collector

Pima™ Workflow

Remove sample collector from the cartridge.

Illustration: Close the orange cartridge cap

Pima™ Workflow

Completely close the orange cartridge cap.

Illustration: Insert cartridge

Pima™ Workflow

Insert cartridge into the Pima analyser in the direction indicated by the arrow on the cartridge. Enter Operator and Sample ID.

Illustration: Test result on the Pima screen

Pima™ Workflow

After 20 minutes, the cartridge is released. Removal of cartridge from the Pima analyser displays CD4 result on the screen.


  • Capillary whole blood – 25μL
  • No manual sample handling or processing
  • All reagents sealed in disposable cartridge
  • All dried reagents – No refrigeration needed